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SkyeLight Reflections is an independent, digital film-studio, creating and producing original feature films and music. Each film is a wisdom-tale crafted to portray and illumine life's deep truths through uniting the unique and complementary powers of music, film and story-telling to convey what words alone cannot.

A series of five initial films and a trilogy are in various stages of development and production.

Telling Stories with Music

These films adopt a unique approach to film-making in the way they combine, integrate and harness the powers of story, music and art:

A New Kind of Musical


The films of SkyeLight Reflections represent a new kind of musical film. The role of music in them is not quite the principal means of telling a story as in opera and traditional musicals; nor is it simply the familar musical accompaniment to cinematic story-telling. Instead, the role of music in these films falls somewhere in between, while embracing both: a constant presence and voice, sometimes in the background, sometimes in the foreground, carrying, conveying, narrating and breathing forth the story and its deep inner content and subtle qualities.

Film Trailers

Below is an extended pre-production trailer for the first of these films. It is merely a preliminary storyboard construct pointing towards the final product. It does not intend to portray the final look of the film itself.