Many of the world's most enduring myths, tales and legends are wisdom-tales, crafted to shed light on life's deepest truths.

The films of SkyeLight Reflections are a contribution towards this ancient tradition. They have three principal features.

  1. Music plays a central and foundational part in all these films, carrying, conveying and narrating each story and its inner content. While most are not 'musicals' in the traditional sense, music plays a principal role in unfolding each story, conveying its deeper aspects as nothing else can.
  2. As wisdom-tales, these films make extensive use of symbolism. The strong synergy that results from combining artistic visual imagery with music affords a powerful way to portray and amplify the symbolism inherent in the story, characters and dialogue of each film. This calls and caters for works of great beauty and artistry.
  3. The films are made using principally digital, virtual-reality techniques and technologies, which provide a powerful means to portray the visual effects and imagery that such stories require. They are not, for the most part, 'animated films' in the familiar sense - they merely use animation and virtual-reality technologies to unfold dramatic stories.
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Combined with a classical and artistic approach to film-making, these films awaken an awareness of the inner value and wealth of life which is our natural inheritance. Their unique blend of story, music and visual imagery makes them a profoundly uplifting, enriching and inspiring experience.